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Jacinthe Côté: Sincerely serving young children for 40 years

Year: 2020 — Province: Québec
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Centre de la petite enfance La Frimousse
Daycare (ages 3 to 5 years)
Québec, Québec

She is an example of democratic participation, gentleness, respect and caring.


Gentleness and caring seem to be the words best describing Jacinthe Côté. Involved with children for over 40 years, day after day she offers them a stimulating environment for their overall development. She adapts the environment and activities according to the interests, needs and levels of the little ones, enabling them to flourish in a safe and stimulating setting.

Philosophy of Care

For Jacinthe, education is first and foremost being able to create a genuine connection with the child by respecting the child's personality, pace and temperament. This means that she supports the child in every phase of his or her development, fostering initiative and independence while also being aware of the child's needs. 

Supporting the child's development

  • Every day she creates environments that enable each child to develop healthy lifestyle habits and have the opportunity to experience educational success.
  • She takes advantage of equipment and activities that encourage discussion and sharing to help the children respectfully form relationships with their peers.
  • She uses open-ended questions which help the children develop their logical reasoning and vocabulary.
  • She creates ideal conditions enabling the children to develop their curiosity, imagination, problem-solving skills and creativity.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • By forming a relationship of trust with the parents, Jacinthe is able to obtain important information and work appropriately with each child.
  • Her groups often include children from various cultures and she asks the parents to teach her songs, figures or words so that young children feel welcomed in their uniqueness.
  • Aware that the family is the foundation of the child's development, Jacinthe Côté willingly shares her research, books and observations with parents.
  • Jacinthe knows how to motivate her colleagues and share her expertise with gentleness and respect. 

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Centre de la petite enfance La Frimousse
1600, boul. de L'Entente
Québec, QC  G1S 4S3


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