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Carole Trudeau: Nurturing the whole child

Year: 2020 — Province: British Columbia
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

La Pré-maternelle Appletree Preschool
French-immersion preschool program for children 30 months to school age
Victoria, British Columbia

The phrase 'they are capable' is one I would say defines Carole's teaching beliefs. She instils that feeling into the children with everything they do.


Preschool owner and teacher Carole Trudeau takes her work beyond the school day. She calls each child's home twice annually to answer questions, and to provide updates and advice. When a former student was having behavioural problems in elementary school, she met with his family to discuss strategies that the parents credit with getting their son back on track.

Philosophy of care

Carole makes sure to have one-on-one time with each child every day, helping her understand them as individuals and develop warm, caring relationships. She allows them to progress to the next school level whenever they are ready—not just in September. She adjusts the French levels continuously to ensure classes remain fun for all children.

Support of child development

  • Incorporates children's experiences into classroom activities: invited a child whose family raises ducks to bring ducklings to class and discuss their care.
  • Guides children to resolve conflicts: helped two children who were arguing over control of an activity come to their own solution; later, one said to the other, "We can do your idea first and then mine."
  • Models emotional self-regulation: deals with outbursts calmly; gives children time to develop good responses; parents remark on children's improved ability to focus on tasks, control emotions and share.
  • Uses monthly themes, such as gardening or forest animals, to introduce French vocabulary: encourages children to wear related costumes; varies classroom learning materials to reflect the themes.
  • Emphasizes physical development: built outdoor play area with climbing structure, pushbikes and more; organizes activities involving costumes and cooperation, such as play firefighting and completing obstacle courses.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Organizes family events: runs an annual day for children to play, do crafts and create a musical parade with their grandparents; coordinates annual picnic for extended families; invites parents to join field trips.
  • Works closely with organizations for people in need: children deliver gift packets and crafts they have made, as well as donated food, to local charities; they also sing carols for charities' clients.
  • Connects with local Kindergartens and daycare centres, including arranging a meeting with nearby Kindergarten teachers to discuss how she could best prepare children for Kindergarten.
  • Mentors early childhood education students: helps practicum students from other countries understand Canadian culture; gives her teaching assistant chances to develop skills essential to working with special-needs children.

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La Pré-maternelle Appletree Preschool
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Victoria BC  V9A 2N4


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