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Julie Hachey

Year: 2017 — Province: New Brunswick

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Julie Hachey

Centre de jour l'Éveil
18 avenue Antonine-Maillet
Moncton, New Brunswick E1A 3E9

Telephone: 506-858-4270

Type of setting: Francophone preschool

Julie Hachey is a francophone educator in a minority setting who encourages the children to develop a sense of belonging and who helps them discover opportunities available to them in French.

Philosophy of care

Her approach is to stimulate their curiosity by helping them to develop many abilities. She encourages her staff to apply the "I imagine…" strategy as laid out in the Quality preschooler services of New Brunswick.

Support of child development

  • Invites nursing students to the classroom so they can give health-related presentations to the children – such as "How to wash your hands". Music students have also been invited so they can show the children their musical instruments.
  • The "Parlons sciences/Let's talk science" group has organized presentations related to magnetism, waves, liquids and various animal habitats.
  • During Francophone Pride Week, Julie organizes many activities relating to the francophone and Acadian identities: an outing to see a French NFB film and invites four young authors form the region.
  • She promotes the French language among entitled preschoolers by using the continuum language path and by providing their families with the tools necessary to a successful education and identity-building.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Participates in the community garden on the University campus during the summer months to introduce the children to the art of gardening and good nutrition.
  • Ms. Hachey is involved in many projects, among them, the South Francophone Childhood Network, as well as the Education Cursus Committee, a 90-hour course which will be made available to other teachers in the province.
  • She is very active in Continuing Education, for which she won a $1,000 prize from the School District in order to attend a 2-week training session in Quebec City, with the Canadian Association for French Education to better understand concepts related to identity-building in preschool education.

Rave reviews

"Julie Hachey, who has a B.Ed. in early childhood education, knows the importance of reading for preschoolers. She is always on the lookout for books and authors who make preschoolers want to explore the world. She animates and plans literary activities at school which will provoke the imagination and the children's curiosity. It's easy to see that once they're at school, they've already acquired a taste for reading and really know the contents of their book. They also have acquired the ability in pre-reading that will prepare them for reading."

Former colleague

"This young woman is a rare pearl in the early childhood education world and we're very lucky that she's among the workers responsible for supporting the development of our two little girls."

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