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Stéphanie Haché

Year: 2017 — Province: New Brunswick

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Stéphanie Haché

Safari Social
55 Englehart Street
Dieppe, New Brunswick E1A 8K2

Telephone: 506-386-2262
Website: (in French)

Type of setting: Daycare centre, children aged 4 years

Stéphanie Haché views her classroom as an Imaginarium, where anything is possible. She takes her children to new places by nurturing their creativity and shows them the world.

Philosophy of care

Every child is unique and Haché knows this. She observes, quickly adapts her approach to meet the specific needs of the children, and encourages them to solve any problem they may encounter by making motor, social and emotional elements part of her approach.

Support of child development

  • Easily adapts her approach to the children's specific needs by simplifying activities so they can be part of the daily routine.
  • Transforms the physical environment as if by magic in order to stimulate creativity through imaginary games — such as pitching a tent and turning her classroom into a real campground.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Always highlights the children's cultural differences and seeks to incorporate activities to gain a better understanding of their cultural heritage.
  • Maintains friendly relationships with each family and seeks to instill good habits in the children as well as the importance of sharing and being supportive of others.

Rave reviews

"Stéphanie pays special attention to my child and to our whole family. Her open mind and her ability to interact with others are exceptional. It's obvious that my child feels safe with Stéphanie based on the trusting way she looks at her and how comfortable she feels being around her."


"Stéphanie is always in a good mood, which makes her classroom a festive and relaxing place where you can enjoy spending your day. She's the type of teacher who will learn what her students are interested in on her own time."

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