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Lisa McClory

Year: 2017 — Province: Manitoba

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Lisa McClory

St. Germain Daycare Centre
79 John Forsythe Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 1R3

Telephone: 204-256-4757

Type of setting: Child care setting, children aged 5 years

A beekeeper in a hive of busy bees, Lisa McClory creatively makes use of natural and open-ended materials like leaves, branches, rocks or gems to stimulate interest, encourage play, and allow children to discover the answers to their questions.

Philosophy of care

Lisa McClory is interested in observing what children know, what they are curious about, and what challenges them. From there, she records observations that will inform the child's next academic and social steps, and focuses on windows of opportunity for learning.

Support of child development

  • Developed a six-week project in language and literacy at a centre with predominantly First Nations children and families and created storyboards to communicate with the parents about what their children were doing and learning.
  • Collaborates with Kindergarten teachers from the adjoining elementary school to develop math activities for their students.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Uses portfolios to keep parents informed and to capture observation and feedback about each of her students.
  • Regularly communicates with parents through articles in the centre's newsletter — offering them insight into her approach and practice.

Rave reviews

"If one were to ask any of Lisa's students what makes Lisa so great, they would quickly explain that it is her amazing activities. Little do they know that every activity is organized to optimize and encourage each student's unique development and interest."


"Over the years, Lisa has shown again and again that she truly adores the children she works with and is very passionate about the career that she has chosen."

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