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Nita Pedersen

Year: 2017 — Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Nita Pedersen

SFU Childcare Society
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia V5A 1S6

Telephone: 778-782-4551

Type of setting: Group child care centre, children aged 0 to 3 years

This veteran educator understands each family's diverse needs and sees each child as a competent and unique individual, capable of things they have yet to even imagine.

Philosophy of care

Pedersen ensures that there are intentional opportunities for students to participate in respectful and appropriate programming. Each child is seen as a competent individual with unique temperaments and interests.

Support of child development

  • Was awarded a grant to implement programming and studio spaces specific to encouraging play for infants and toddlers, allowing them to better explore the world around them.
  • Develops cultural walks for her students to explore art pieces located throughout the adjoining university campus.
  • Students explore the forest that surrounds their centre, bringing materials back to their classroom for further exploration.

Involvement with parents, families and the community

  • Routinely hosts tea or breakfast during holidays, or potlucks in the summer months to ensure that parents feel welcome and valued.
  • Shares "Ordinary Moments" with parents through regular documentation to reassure them that their child is doing well.

Rave reviews

"The engagement that I see from my son in some of the activities and experiences that Nita provides is clear, and it is obvious that the care between them is deep: my little man can't leave the centre before giving Nita a hug."


"I admire Nita tremendously and find myself seeking her advice, mentorship and guidance. Nita is my role model for her overall excellence in early childhood education."

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