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Marie-Êve Thérien

Year: 2016 – Province: Quebec

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Marie-Êve Thérien

Centre de la petite enfance Tour à Tour
120, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal (Québec) H2X 1C3

Contact information
Telephone: 514-844-7691

Type of institution: Daycare centre for children aged 0 to 5 years.

By sharing innovative practices, creating customized services and a desire to learn, Marie-Êve Thérien works to develop the full potential of the children in her group, her daycare centre and elsewhere.

Educational approach

To motivate children and stimulate their natural curiosity, Marie-Êve Thérien practices active listening and involves them directly in creating their education program. She conveys her values of respect and acceptance of differences, allowing them to develop a positive image of themselves.

Support for child development

  • Creates play activities that encourage children to discover the world around them, such as activities on insects.
  • Develops customized support plans for children, taking their interests into account while allowing them to face challenges.
  • Gives shared reading sessions in which the children must take part by making comments and asking questions.  

Commitment to parents, families and the community

  • Cofounder of a social economics business aimed at helping children aged 0 to 5 with special needs to better integrate into day care. During its first year of operation, it trained over 270 educators in various learning techniques.
  • Creates learning and experience portfolios so that parents can see, in photos, their children's experimentation and stages of development.
  • Demonstrates an exemplary ability to work as part of a team and support trainees' skills development.

Complimentary comments

"She works with her heart and provides constant support to everyone around her – children, parents and fellow educators"

A colleague

"For all the children she comes in contact with, she will remain an excellent development tutor."

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