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2020 Recipients – Excellence in Early Childhood Education

Certificate of Excellence

Certificates of Excellence in Early Childhood Education


Meghan Hetherington

Guided by the principles of community, empathy, literacy, creativity, kindness, movement and laughter, this well-known educator focuses on children's hearts and brains through play-based activities and by meeting individual children's needs.

Jennifer Vardy

A passionate advocate for early childhood education for Indigenous families on reserve, this educator believes Indigenous children deserve the support their parents and grandparents were denied—three times the hugs, cuddles and understanding.

New Brunswick

Lisa Brown

This educator cares for children in the town where she grew up, seeking to share the joys of spending plenty of time outdoors, while ensuring children are nurtured and loved, and have a chance to learn and grow in ways that suit them.


Leah Kippomee

This adored community child caregiver now advocates for early childhood education across Nunavut, sharing a child-centred approach based on traditional knowledge and enriched with Montessori materials and practices—all to help overcome the legacy of the residential schools.


Kim Posluns

In a "comprehensive Kindergarten" (30 percent of students have a behaviour disorder or regressed development), this experienced educator builds student relationships to promote oral communications, engages students with outdoor learning and art therapy, and champions overall wellness.

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement Recipients


Shaylene Saxton

Plenty of professional development and a study tour to New Zealand have helped sharpen this educator's focus on children's social and emotional development being as just as important as their academic, cognitive and physical skills.

Lynn Wytrykusz

Children build their sensory, motor and creative skills through hands-on play, while also improving their executive function through games that foster impulse control, flexible thinking and other abilities.

British Columbia

Naima Amalou

Carrying on a 40-year tradition of offering French-language early childhood education to children from non-French families, this educator places the children at the centre of everything she does through active listening, reciprocity and collaboration.

Carole Trudeau

Having one-on-one time with each child every day helps this educator understand each child as an individual. She incorporates what she learns about their interests into class activities and helps children resolve their own conflicts.

Ines Tuzlukovic

This educator's background helping pregnant and parenting teenagers finish their high school education makes her an excellent resource for families. She fosters fellowship among parents, engages with new Canadians and launches community projects.


Arlene Flett

Fluent in both English and the local Indigenous language, this educator fosters Kindergartners' pride in their heritage. From setting up classroom snares for imaginary rabbits to organizing a pickerel fish fry, she engages children with familiar, age-appropriate activities.

Northwest Territories

Jennifer Kravitz

Taking the lead from the children in her care, this educator helps children learn and grow, even when they're having a bad day. A whole day of pirate-themed activities resulted from children building a pirate ship out of a box; engaging learning centres give children their choice of activities.


Brittney Bobbitt

Even the youngest children in this educator's care (younger than 12 months) develop communications skills and life skills such as dressing themselves, all while spending the majority of the day outside having sensory experiences and developing their curiosity.

Pietra Salemi

Toddlers enjoy activities as diverse as rock climbing, gardening and yoga in a large outdoor space. Individuals receive the particular care they need to develop, while those with special needs are treated equitably and participate fully.


Jacinthe Côté

Over 40 years of experience and still has the same passion and dedication. The little ones in her care are her focus and she does whatever it takes to create fun environments that are conducive to learning.

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