Moving day

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The big day has finally arrived. Good preparation on your part, and an awareness of your consumer rights, could turn a good move into a great move.

You can also print out this moving day checklist for a quick reference.

  • Have everything ready to go when the movers arrive, as you will likely be charged for keeping them waiting and /or for performing the services required.
  • With so many people in and out of your house, it is important to secure your valuables such as your cell phones, cameras and precious jewellery and carry them with you personally when it is time to go. Don't forget your prescription medicines, food, plants and, of course, your pets. Items that might be affected by heat or cold (e.g., candles, soaps, cleaning products) should not travel in the moving truck or be stored.
  • Back-up the inventory that you, or the mover, is keeping with cell phone pictures or video of your contents. Better safe than sorry!
  • Ask the mover to use drop cloths or runners at both locations to protect floors and rugs.
  • Identify very fragile items (e.g., chandeliers) that the mover is expected to pack and supervise that packing.
  • Make sure both your current and destination locations are ready. If you are moving to an apartment, book the elevator in the building and notify your landlord/building manager of the arrival time of your movers. Arrange for street parking and maybe even snow removal, if needed.
  • For long distance moves, provincial transportation regulations require an inventory be prepared prior to transporting the goods. Best practice guidelines stipulate that all items must be tagged and listed by the mover and a copy of the inventory supplied to you for your records. Be sure to keep that copy safe and secure.
  • When contents are being unloaded at your new destination, check off each item, and note any changes to the inventory, or damage, prior to signing it.
  • If goods are damaged or lost, normally, claims must be made within 30 days for local moves and within 60 days for long distance moves.


  • If your belongings must be left overnight, confirm that the moving van will be parked in a secure area, or unloaded into a secure facility. If your goods are in a facility, check if it is heated during the winter months.
  • Confirm what provisions are in place to protect your belongings from theft, fire or water damage while in storage.