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Fees collection policy

Measurement Canada (MC) charges fees for the evaluation, approval and certification of new measurement technologies and the recognition of private sector organizations to perform inspections. MC has encountered several issues in recovering fees for some types of services we provide. After analyzing our revenue collection process, we have concluded that financial risks related to outstanding unpaid fees were too high. We are, therefore, taking steps to prevent this issue from reoccurring by updating our recovery of service fees processes and systems.

Fee collection policy - Measurement Canada

What you need to know about fees collection

What is fees collection?

Clients receiving a service from MC in the form of measuring device approval, some types of inspection and standards calibration, or accreditation/registration, receive an invoice once the service is complete. Revenue collection is our process of collecting payment of the amount on these invoices.

Standard service fees are pre-set, as are MC's service standards which detail the amount of time MC will take to complete the requested service.

For guidance on MC's service fees and service standards, consult the following publicly available documents:

What have we already done to deal with the difficulties of recovering fees for services?

We have started to mitigate this issue by creating systems to determine whether there are fees outstanding for previous services before initiating new service requests, as well as training staff to deal with this issue in an effective way.

What is MC's fees collection policy?

How will MC address the payment of fees for services underway?

After completing the service, the client will receive a final invoice from MC. The service process will not be considered complete until full payment has been made. Once there is confirmation of payment, MC will issue the relevant certification or documentation from the service provided.

What if my device has not been approved, inspected or certified?

The use of an unapproved device or a device that has not been inspected and certified for use in trade is illegal and does not comply with Canadian laws and requirements.

If your device was submitted for approval or inspection, but did not receive an approval or was not certified because it did not comply with requirements, the approval applicant or device owner will be charged for the time MC spent testing the device.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at MC Feedback / Rétroaction MC.

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