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Shipping requirements

Do not ship your device to Measurement Canada until requested to do so.

Required information

Include with your shipment:

Packaging requirements

The project number assigned to your application by Measurement Canada must appear on:

Shipments that do not include the assigned project number will be returned freight collect.

The shipping container:

Measurement Canada is not responsible for damage to the shipping container if the shipping container is nailed closed or requires disassembly to remove the item(s) it contains.

Devices shipped in non-reusable containers will not be processed until you have arranged return packaging.

International shipments

You must make sure that:

Before shipping arrangements are made, Measurement Canada's shipping department will only pack the items and provide you with the dimensions and weight of the package.

Consult the Canada Border Services Agency's checklist to ensure you are aware of all customs and importation requirements and fees and charges that apply to your shipment.

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