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Archived — The Competition Bureau—"Enhancing transparency"

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Action plan on transparency

The Competition Bureau's Action Plan on Transparency aims to promote the development of a more cost-effective, efficient and responsive agency, all the while providing Canadians with more opportunities to learn about its work.

Existing mechanisms for information sharing and dialogue

This Action Plan builds on a range of existing mechanisms used by the Bureau for information sharing and public dialogue. The Bureau makes information about its activities readily available via its website, including annual reports, announcements, bulletins, enforcement guidelines and other publications.

The Bureau encourages ongoing citizen participation in its activities through its operation of an Information Centre, dedicated to recording complaints and providing information to Canadians. The Information Centre receives approximately 20,000 contacts from Canadians each year. The Bureau is a partner in the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, which logs complaints from over 25,000 people each year. The Bureau is also a participant in several law enforcement partnerships across the country.

Competition bureau commitments


One of the Bureau's key priorities is to build trust by applying Canada's competition laws in a transparent and predictable manner.

  • The Bureau will continue to publicly communicate its annual priorities.
  • The Bureau will strive to maintain up-to-date information about its activities on its website.
  • The Bureau intends to develop guidance on investigation and stakeholder communications, outlining the Bureau's commitment to enhance communication with parties of certain enforcement activities about issues and timelines.
  • The Bureau will continue to consult on important issues, such as the development of new bulletins and guidelines.
  • The Bureau will publish information about the outcome of its inquiries in a manner that balances the public's right to know with legal limitations, the preservation of enforcement discretion and confidentiality concerns.


The Bureau is dedicated to improving its service to the public by building trust through collaboration with all its domestic and international stakeholders. In this way, the Bureau will work toward the goal of ensuring that Canadian businesses and consumers prosper in a competitive and innovative marketplace.

  • The Bureau commits to working with other government officials and Canadians, with the goal of promoting and protecting a competitive marketplace. Particularly, the Bureau is developing stronger working relationships with regulators, who have shared responsibility with respect to particular industry sectors, to provide additional clarity and predictability for the business community.
  • The Bureau will actively solicit external expertise and perspectives to better inform the application of its policies and practices. In this regard, the Bureau is increasing engagement with the business community and consumer stakeholders, for example, by hosting industry experts to deliver presentations and engage in dialogue with Bureau staff.
  • The Bureau will adopt new technologies for enhancing accessibility, information-sharing and dialogue with the public. To this end, the Bureau will continue to embrace appropriate new communication initiatives, such as social media, RSS feeds and email updates.

Effectively managing public resources

  • The Bureau will continue to prioritize allocation of its resources to focused enforcement and strategic regulatory interventions that will achieve the most effective outcomes for Canadians.
  • The Bureau will publish enhanced information in our annual reports for concluded investigations.
  • The Bureau will continue to proactively disclose financial information.

Engage with the Competition Bureau

Visit our website to learn more about the Bureau's activities.

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