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Archived — 2021-2022 Annual Plan: Supporting economic recovery through competition

April 1, 2021

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Message from the Commissioner

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the lives of Canadians. Looking to the year ahead, we see opportunities to protect and empower consumers, and support Canada's economic recovery. As Canada's competition authority, we will continue to protect Canadian consumers and businesses from anti-competitive and deceptive marketing activity.

Our core enforcement work is essential to Canada's economic recovery, and we will continue to focus on sectors that matter most to Canadians. This includes the digital economy, telecommunications, health care, and infrastructure. We will also move towards more proactive enforcement by growing our intelligence-gathering efforts.

We will continue to advocate for the benefits of competition in Canada. We will encourage pro-competitive policies at all levels of government to help drive Canada's economic recovery. This will include hosting an international summit focussed on the role of competition to drive economic growth, and continuing the Digital Health Care Market Study and our advocacy efforts on telecommunications matters.

None of these goals are possible without a strong focus on the people and different perspectives that make up the Bureau. We are actively working toward greater diversity, inclusion and accessibility across the organization. We are also modernizing our systems and procedures to ensure employees have the necessary tools and technology to deliver on our mandate for all Canadians in the digital era.

The year ahead is about putting our resources to work where Canadians need them most in the wake of the pandemic. With our continued dedication, we will foster a culture of competition in Canada, and build a better future for all Canadians.

Matthew Boswell
Commissioner of Competition

Protecting Canadians through enforcement action

2020-2024 Strategic Vision objectives: Protecting Canadians through enforcement action

What we will do in 2021-2022

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Promoting competition in Canada

2020-2024 Strategic Vision objectives: Promoting competition in Canada

What we will do in 2021-2022

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Investing in our organization

2020-2024 Strategic Vision objectives: Investing in our organization

What we will do in 2021-2022

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