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COVID-19 related vaccines, therapies and bio‑manufacturing projects

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada


In March 2020, the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) was identified to deliver the Medical Countermeasures (MCM) initiative.

SIF was granted authority to invest $792M under the MCM stream to fund clinical trials and manufacturing capacity at scale to increase the chances of timely vaccines, treatments and improve Canada's long-term pandemic preparedness. The first project, Abcellera Biologics, was announced within 19 days of the start of project negotiations.


The MCM stream is divided in three types of projects: vaccines, therapies and bio-manufacturing projects. Under the MCM, to date SIF has:

Project name Province SIF Contribution Total Project Cost Announcement Date Project Type
Abcellera Biologics Inc. BC $175,631,000 $287,353,000 2020-05-03 Therapeutics and bio-manufacturing
Variation Biotechnologies Inc. (VBI) ON $55,976,000 $74,636,000 2020-08-05 Vaccines
Precision NanoSystems Inc. BC $18,203,000 $24,271,000 2020-10-23 Vaccines
Medicago Inc. QC $173,000,000 $428,002,000 2020-10-23 Vaccines and Bio-manufacturing
Arch BioPartners ON $6,715,000 $8,953,000 2020-12-15 Therapeutics
Edesa Biotech Research, Inc. ON $14,053,000 $18,738,000 2021-02-02 Therapeutics
Precision NanoSystems Inc. BC $25,112,000 $50,224,000 2021-02-02 Bio-manufacturing
Total - $468,690,000 $892,177,000 - -

Process for project selection

In April, an open call for proposals was issued. Due to the complex scientific and technical nature of the proposals, after initial SIF assessment, the COVID-19 Vaccine Task force or the COVID-19 Therapeutics Task Force composed of leading scientific and industry experts provided advice on proposals.

Announced projects descriptions

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