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Common Terms of Reference—Economic Strategy Tables


Canada's economic growth is expected to continue at a moderate pace, potentially having impacts on the standard of living of Canadians and future success of exports.

Canada's Economic Strategy Tables will galvanize stakeholders in six high impact sectors by identifying ambitious sectoral growth targets. A sector specific approach will also identify competitive advantages, investment attraction opportunities, obstacles to growth and propose a strategic action plan to drive long-term and sustainable economic growth and create high quality jobs for Canadians.

Expected outcome

Long term sector specific action plans to meet ambitious economic growth targets for 2025 and beyond across six sectors where Canada is globally competitive: advanced manufacturing, agri-food, clean resources, clean technology, digital industries, and health/bio-sciences.

It will be demonstrated by:

Economic Strategy Tables will also act as a sounding board for the federal government on high profile federal initiatives.

Program of work

Organizational structure

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