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1 Home Energy Labels: How well do they serve consumers? 2019/01/01
2 Tackling Energy Poverty 2017/01/01
3 Mandatory Home Energy Rating and Disclosure for Existing Houses: Opportunities and Risks for Consumers 2018/01/01
4 The Ontario Smart Metering Initiative: What does it mean for Ontario's residential consumers? 2009/01/01
5 For energy efficiency (EE): an energy rating for houses 2010/01/01
6 Photovoltaics for Small Consumers 2008/01/01
7 The Impact of Higher Energy Efficiency Standards on Housing Affordability in Alberta 2010/01/01
8 How Do Consumers Identify Sustainable Products and Services? 2011/01/01
9 Eliminating Energy Poverty, Achieving Climate Justice: The Need for a Smooth Transition to Zero Carbon BC Homes 2011/01/01
10 Transportation Transformation: Building complete communities and a zero-emission transportation system in BC 2011/01/01
11 Ensuring Electricity Metering Accuracy and Consumer Confidence in a Changing Market 2002/01/01
12 Energy Efficiency in Building Codes 2007/01/01
13 Making Informed Choices: Public Information & the Environment 2002/01/01
14 Eco-energetic labeling of vehicles and their motivational programs (in French only) 2007/01/01
15 Electricity Metering Options for Ordinary Consumers in Competitive Electricity Markets 2002/01/01
16 Focused Maintenance Evaluation Project Report 2003/01/01
17 Les consommateurs : Partenaires essentiels pour l'atteinte des objectifs de l'Accord de Kyoto (in French only) 2004/01/01
18 Green Supply Chain Management: Retail Chains and Consumer Product Goods - A Canadian Perspective 2009/01/01
19 Energy Efficiency in Building Codes 2008/01/01
20 Mystery Shopping Experiences for Energy and Water Efficient Products 2012/01/01
21 Driving Towards a Cleaner Environment - A Healthier Future 2006/01/01
22 Approche socio-économique de l'efficacité énergétique (in French only) 2004/01/01
23 Following the Paper Trail: Overcoming Market Barriers to Environmentally Preferable Paper 2003/01/01
24 Letting Everyone Help : Removing Barriers to Consumer Participation in Energy Conservation 2005/01/01
25 Consumer's Response to Education and Outreach Programs Around Climate Change and Energy Efficiency 2005/01/01
26 Hybrid Vehicles: Targeting Incentives for the Next Step Forward 2004/01/01
27 Will consumers benefit from enhanced product labeling on energy efficient products? 2014/01/01
28 Climate Change and the Consumers' Willingness to Pay 2004/01/01
29 Greening Canada’s Buildings 2008/01/01
30 Consideration of Attribution Alternatives for Energy DSM Savings 2006/01/01
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