Les bons rabais des supermarchés et les personnes assistées sociales : des pratiques discriminatoires… mais des améliorations (in French only)


Le Front commun des personnes assistées sociales du Québec (FCPASQ)




The larger supermarket chains continue to follow practices that discriminate against welfare recipients and seniors. This is what the Collectif pour l’équité des bons rabais en alimentation is once again claiming, further to its fourth study of flyers. The Collectif is made up of the following groups and organizations: the Front commun des personnes assistées sociales du Québec; the Regroupement des cuisines collectives du Québec; the Club populaire des consommateurs de Pointe St-Charles; and Option Consommateurs.

For 17 weeks between October 2004 and February 2005, volunteer committees with these organizations compared the discounts on low-priced basic products appearing in flyers put out by IGA, Loblaws, Métro, Provigo, and Super C. Once again, the Collectif concluded that:

On the whole, supermarkets offer fewer discount coupons the week recipients receive their welfare cheques compared to the other weeks in the same month.

Even worse, the week during which welfare cheques are received is often the week in which flyers offer the worst discounts in the entire month: for example, a total of $17.44 the week in which cheques are received v. $46.67 the week in which the best discounts are offered (Métro, January 2001).

These unfair practices also affect seniors, because they receive their pension cheques during the same week that welfare recipients receive their welfare cheques.

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